Lessons from Daniel Tiger

It all started when I was folding laundry and heard their favorite friendly tiger come on. The entire idea behind the episode was that “sometimes it’s good to go slow” and that you might miss something special if you are rushing.That episode of Daniel Tiger really convicted me (something I never thought would come out of my mouth!).

But it’s true.

I started thinking about my life, and realized that I’m always rushing--constantly rushing. And the crazy thing is, I don’t even know why.

I think maybe the culture of today is you’re either lazy, or you’re busy, with little room to be any different. In my head, the last thing I would want anyone to think of me is that I’m lazy, so I guess the only alternative is be busy right?

Or at least act like it.

The truth is, when I take a step back, and look at my life, I’m not really *that* busy. Sure, I work part time and have 2 (almost 3) kids, but I’m not so busy that I have to live in a constant state of rush.

I went through a genuinely busy season of life.I got married 10 days after I graduated college, got pregnant 8 weeks after that, and started grad school and a new job a month after that. Then when Char was 5 months old, we found out that little Bella was coming.

I was a full time, working, exclusively breastfeeding, grad student.

My life pretty much consisted of growing babies, keeping them alive, working, writing, pumping, researching, and reminding my husband that I still loved him as I jumped into bed at 2am after grading & finishing my own assignments.

Now THAT was  busy.

So when I compare then to now, why in the world do I still rush??

I feel like I'm constantly rushing. Rushing the coffee pot to finish brewing just so I can forget about my cup and let it go cold? Rushing the girls through breakfast just so we can start daily chores or run errands for the day? Rushing through the store, just to go home and put all the groceries away? Rushing through bath & bedtime routine, just to put the girls down for the night?


I find myself FAR too often using the phrase “hurry up!”, or even worse “I don’t have all day, girls!”. Because the reality is, I DO have all day. I am blessed to be a part time working mama, so that I have days off for things to take “all day”.  I’m thankful that I have two adorable little ladies that are learning how to match shoes, brush their teeth, and pick out their favorite bow in the morning. Even if that takes thirty minutes instead of the three it would take me. I’m thankful for the giggles at bathtime as they play the same game of “fall down in the tub” instead of stand up to wash themselves.  

So I’m working on changing that. I don’t want to be so “busy”, that my kids grow up before my very eyes and I don’t even notice. Sometimes we do have busy seasons. And I believe that there's grace to get done everything that's needed. 

But sometimes, it’s good to go slow so you don’t miss something important.

Walk down the extra aisle at the grocery store, even if it adds a few minutes to your day.

Go through the car wash when you don’t really need it, because it’s their favorite thing to do.

Giggle with them when they pretend to fall over in the tub again and again, because they need to know mama can have fun too.

Don’t just make breakfast, include them in the process.

Read the extra story to them at bedtime--sing the 4th song.

Sit with them in their play room and eat the plate of pretend food,  even if the laundry loads need switched.

Because the truth is, they WILL grow up, whether we slow down or not.

And one day, it won’t take thirty minutes to choose a bow and brush their teeth, and I’ll wish that it still did.

They won’t play in the bathtub and make each other laugh at fake falling, and I'll miss hearing those tiny giggles.

They won’t want 4 songs and two stories at bedtime, no matter how much I ask. 

But...if I slow down, and share these precious moments with them now, I hope that they will always want me.


"Sometimes it’s good to go slow. 

When I go slow, it can be great.

Everything I see is worth the wait".



Thanks, Daniel.