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Hi! I'm Hannah.

I'm a twenty something gal married to my southern sweetie, Greg. We have two daughters that are 15 months apart, and number three will be arriving this summer! When I'm not chasing babies, I teach communications part time at two local universities. 

I love all things coffee, and have an unreasonable collection of mugs that keeps getting bigger because "just one more" apparently means nothing to me. 

I started this blog as a creative outlet to my constant research paper writing while in grad school. I needed a way to get my non-academic thoughts on paper before I lost them all. Now, my hope is that it can be a resource for other women that are mom-ing their way through life like me--or hope to one day--or maybe you just like me, and hey, that's perfectly okay too! :) 

Sometimes it feels impossible to get the hang of being a mom, and there are days where I’m sure I get more things wrong than I do right. But that’s where grace and coffee come in handy.

So, my hope for this blog is that you see something real. I’ll never be a perfect mom, and I’ll probably never be a cool one either.   I’m just a girl with a love for coffee, trying to learn how to be the best mama I can be to the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.